Alcohol Strip Test

Alcohol Strip Test

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What are the various ways of passing a saliva alcohol test?

Alcohol is a popular drug form but its excessive use hampers the social well being. There are different methods for the approximation of alcohol levels in the body. The quickest among them are the saliva test and breathalyzer test. The saliva alcohol test is performed to know the alcohol levels in the body fluids. It is an easy to perform test and does not need any specialized medical personnel. The test can detect alcohol for a period of 12 hours after intake. It is usually performed for pre-employment screening by employers.

Alcohol urinalysis

The saliva alcohol test can only detect alcohol for a short period of 12 hours so alcohol intake of even severe intensity might go unnoticed. This test is less effective as compared to alcohol urinalysis. Saliva contains traces of alcohol or its metabolites which are detected during the test.

Alcohol strip test

The kit for saliva alcohol strip test contains test strips which are placed in the mouth. These strips come in various shapes. They draw saliva from the mouth through a membrane. The strip contains various antigen dyes which change color when they come in contact with a specified drug. Change in color of the strip indicates a positive test result.

Alcohol test online

The saliva test gives a more recent value of the alcohol levels, so the best way to pass the test is to stop alcohol intake. If you are clean for more than 12 hours, then you are sure to clear the test. This test is usually an on-site test and the results are found out immediately. Some alcohol test online products can help you to clear the test.
At times when you have to undergo surprise alcohol strip test, there are some products available which mask the alcohol traces in your saliva. Our product SUPREME KLEAN SALIVA DETOX MOUTH WASH can help you in these cases. It has a quick action on the toxins and works for a period of half an hour.

Alcohol test kit

If you are scared of the results of a scheduled saliva test or unsure of your detox routine, then you can try the saliva test at home with a home alcohol test kit. There are various test kits available in the market as well as the kits for saliva alcohol test online. Our SUPREME KLEAN ORALEART SALIVA DRUG TEST kit is easy to use and gives you reliable test results. You can perform the test using the kit yourself in the privacy of your own home.

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